Best budget smartphones to have in 2016

Want to get yourself a new smartphone but aren’t intending on splashing half a grand on it? Then getting a budget smartphone would be your answer. Budget smartphones have come a long way and the features of the flagship killers all across the world are slowly trickling down to these phones. These budget phones now incorporate a steady bit of top-notch features and still maintain their low price tags. If you’re looking for such a smartphone, then here are some of the top rated phones you can get your hands on. While they may not have the best specs, you’ll enjoy what they offer for their price.

Moto G4

If you’re intending on getting the best you can with as little as possible, then the Moto G4 is just for you. Motorola turned heads when it designed this phone at it’s down to earth price tag. The phone features a 5.5-inch display with a Snapdragon 617 processor. It also has a full HD screen display and 2GB of RAM that can comfortably handle most games without any hiccups. The 3000mAh battery capacity can take you through the day without a low battery notification. For the selfie lovers, you can enjoy 13 mega-pixel from the rear camera and 5 mega-pixel from the front camera.

Though impressive and powerful, the Moto G4 isn’t perfect. It lacks NFC connectivity and is not as customisable as some other budget phones. It also doesn’t support Android pay.

OnePlus X

The release of the OnePlus One flagship killer back in 2014 grabbed headlines. The phone was offering what other top rated phones offered for half the price. But the company didn’t stop at that. They then released OnePlus X which has got an even lower price tag. It’s a well-packed phone full of features and complete with a fantastic design.

The OnePlus X comes with a powerful Snapdragon 801 processor and 3GB of RAM, making it a monster at handling games or any RAM intensive apps. Its full HD resolution would also give you a fun experience watching videos and the 8 mega-pixel front camera would make taking selfies a joyous activity. The rear camera is 13 mega-pixel and its battery life is just as good at 2525mAh.

However, this is a rare phone. Though there’s no invite system as in the case of OnePlus One, the manufacturer has stopped producing the phone, so you’ll need to hurry while stocks last. This phone also lacks NFC and fast charging capabilities.

Oppo F1

This one’s a neat little phone, and with it comes even cheaper phone contracts. The Oppo F1 is a very cheap phone that’s got quite a handful to offer in terms of specs. It’s got a spectacular design, an ultra-slim body, and a cool back finish. Apart from its looks, the Oppo F1 packs a 13 mega-pixel camera to take clear snaps, and it uses Samsung sensor-lens combo. Its front camera is 8 mega-pixel for amazing selfies. This budget phone also holds 3GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 616 processor.

However, the Oppo F1 uses ColourOS as opposed to Android, so you’ll feel the decrease in quality when using it. However, you can easily fix this by using the Google Now Launcher to get a better feel. It’s also running an outdated Android version 5.1.1, but if that’s not an issue, then having this phone would really save you money.