Selfie phones

Best selfie phones with sharp front cameras


Sometimes, one of the major motivations to buy a phone is a state of the art selfie camera. The front camera needs to be at its peak especially for the die-hard selfie takers. If you’re really interested in your looks, or perhaps you’re in the fashion industry, then your phone needs to speak the right language. A sharp front camera would give you the perfect selfie under all light conditions. Here are some of the best phones for that.


This is perhaps one of the most revolutionary phones out there in terms of design. The phone’s body hosts a removable cap and a port that can allow the phone user to adopt a camera module specifically for taking pictures. It’ll give you a pretty good grip for both selfies and rear shots.

The 8MP selfie camera of the LG G5 features a f/2.0 aperture capable of taking extraordinary selfies in any lighting conditions. The camera module also offers more hardware buttons for functions such as autofocus and zooming.

The LG G5 has got a 32GB internal storage and 4GB of RAM. The 2560 * 1440 resolution ensures  you get clean crisp details of every photo.

Samsung galaxy S7 Edge

The S7 Edge was designed to impress, and it does just that. Its dual-pixel sensor makes it the fastest phone camera as it can focus on the subject up to three times faster than the iPhone 6s Plus. The phone lets in a lot more light than its predecessor thanks to its wider f/1.7 aperture that captures a 120-degree field of view. Though the camera is only 5MP, the S7 edge also incorporates a selfie flash for the dark environs. The S7 Edge also has a ‘dual pixel’ rear camera making it an excellent option for those who require top notch images.

The phone also features a 4GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage to help with all your storage needs.

Sony Xperia XA

This is another amazing companion you can have when intending on taking selfies wherever you go. It’s a late arrival, release in June 2016 and hosts a superior auto focus lens on the front camera to capture crisp clean images. The front facing camera has got an 88-degree field of view.

The XA also has a 13MP rear camera with HDR for photography. Its 1280 * 720 resolution makes the pictures look a lot better, and an internal 16GB storage would assist you in storing all the photos and videos you can take.

LG V10

For the lovers of group selfies, then the LG v10 has it all. It uses a dual front facing camera, which simply means that there are two cameras. Having two cameras triumphs a single one by a long shot particularly when it comes to taking group photos. This LG handset has got one that offers a 120-degree field of view and another with 80-degree vision.

Complemented by an incredible 64GB of internal storage and a 13 MP rear camera, the LG V10 makes the perfect candidate for the picture lovers. A 2560 * 1440 resolution makes it a lot easier to have video chats and recording of the highest quality.